Free 30 day unlimited automatic trip logging. All features.

Afterwards just $48/year. Simple!

Unlimited log. Easy classification.


Automatic trip log

No monthly limits. MileCatcher catches ALL your drives in the background.



Business or personal – classify trips with a single tap and keep a tally of total deductions. Can’t be easier, can’t be faster!


Classify without opening the app

Turn on Notifications in app Settings and MileCatcher will send you notification upon trip completion.

Highly Customizable

Custom locations

Edit addresses and let MileCatcher reuse them for future trips.


Custom business rate

MileCatcher uses your country specific tax deduction rate and currency but you can set a custom corporate rate if you expense through your employer.


Multi-vehicle support

Need to separate personal from business car expenses? We got you covered.


Rich reports

Choose period, vehicle(s) and trips status (all or deductible only). Reports available in pdf, csv and xls formats.


Automatic report email

MileCatcher can automatically send your weekly and/or monthly reports directly to your email

Filters & statistics



MileCatcher organizes your trips in four tabs: Not Classified, Personal, Business, and Auto-Classified. Focus on what matters.



Filter by week or by month. Used together with the category filter, it’s a powerful tool to quickly find exactly the trips you want.



Find out how many trips are left unclassified, how much you drive for business and the total distance traveled.

Trip purpose & details


Quickly assign trip purpose

Most companies require you to justify why a trip was expensed. You can do this quickly using our default purposes under More icon.


Custom purposes

Build your own purposes with unique text and rates to quickly assign trips to different projects. In web portal, you can generate reports per purpose, e.g. per sales region, cost center or even company!


Parking, toll & fuel notes

Keep track of all your trip expenses and they will appear in your expense report.

Rich web portal

All time trips access

In app you can review the last 60 days trips while still generate all year stats and reports. In portal you can review all trips and past reports.

Quickly migrate old paper log

If you started mid-year, you can build your missing log with multi trip copy and paste. Quickly add, edit, sort and classify trips in bulk.

Special reports

Select a group of trips and expense them against a project. Even cc: to manager for approval. Filter by time range, trip status, purpose and vehicle.

Admin role and team sharing

Share access to your business trips. Let your admin/ accountant file reports while you are on the road. Works great for teams, too.

Auto-classify trips


Auto-Classify repeat trips

Never classify the same trips again and again! Just classify them once using Auto-Classify™ feature and you’re done. Works great for commute and common business trips.


Set Work Hours

Enable Work Hours and MileCatcher will automatically classify all trips inside your work hours as business.


Long battery life option

If you chose not to log trips outside your work hours, MileCatcher will pause tracking, saving your phone battery life.

Traffic & fuel economy



Turn on Show traffic in app settings to track max. speed and time spend in traffic.



Red means slow traffic. Zoom in on a trip route map and find a more optional route or departure time.



Drive smoother and see fuel economy improve! Turn on Driving alerts to make your phone vibrate discreetly when you brake hard or accelerate fast.

Want to see MileCatcher features in action? Check out our intro videos on Youtube.